The letter on Christ Church stationery

In my last post, I discussed the fact that Doug Wilson was claiming that his refusal to talk about the Jamin Wight and Steven Silter scandals was because he was bound by confidentiality and also by his need to “protect” “the sheep” from “wolves” who had come forward to “tell the story.” If you need aContinue reading “The letter on Christ Church stationery”

Her body in marriage

I’ve been in the process of moving, which means downsizing, sorting through old boxes, and (in what I considered a stroke of genius) setting up a roomful of stuff to give away and hosting a party to minimize what I haul to Goodwill. If I give my friends enough wine, undoubtedly they will be persuaded toContinue reading “Her body in marriage”

The Shubin Report and the man behind the curtain

Recently, there was a kerfluffle on Facebook in which one of the Christ Church deacons accused Natalie Greenfield of lying on multiple occasions. Despite repeated requests, he was unable to point out what he was referring to. Later commentary from another kirker mentioned the “parent-approved relationship” that Doug Wilson has consistently touted and which NatalieContinue reading “The Shubin Report and the man behind the curtain”

Devil’s Dictionary: CREC edition

Abortion: the reason nothing else should be considered morally wrong, including racism, slavery, the mass murder of adults, the sexual abuse of minors, and stealing other people’s ideas. Community: the kindness of the church-goers for one another is paramount, because it presents a helpful distraction if anyone raises an objection about the way the churchContinue reading “Devil’s Dictionary: CREC edition”

The Man Who Would be King

Readers of my blog have been asking for a recap of the recent Doug Wilson controversies. I’ve written one below, with new and highly relevant information included towards the end. I’ve also included a number of footnotes for those interested in checking out some (non-anonymous) sources.   Silencing dissent for “peace and purity” By Katie Botkin, withContinue reading “The Man Who Would be King”

Fact-checking what Doug told the church

Doug Wilson recently met with members of his congregation — heads of household (HOH), specifically — to discuss the Sitler and Greenfield/Wight cases. He pulled his information, he stated in his introduction, from “elder minutes, from the HOH minutes, and occasionally letters.” Based on the records from this meeting, we know precisely what Doug told peopleContinue reading “Fact-checking what Doug told the church”

The Free Speech Mockery

Ironically or not, Doug Wilson has been recently promoting a “documentary” about free speech, heavily featuring interviews with himself, if the trailer is representative. Specifically, about how your right to free speech is being threatened by people who don’t like you saying things that make them feel all persecuted. I hope Doug was looking in aContinue reading “The Free Speech Mockery”

For Shame

When Doug Wilson threatened to publish Natalie’s journal in a private email written September 28, he was doing something that he and many of his defenders have being doing for a decade and have since expanded on: attempted to shame her, attempted to vilify her, and attempted to insinuate that her current testimony is erroneousContinue reading “For Shame”

Obvious Lies and Gratuitous Spins

As more and more has come out about the sex abuse scandals in Christ Church, some have suggested taking complaints through the “proper channels” instead of airing everything over the internet. With this guest post, Doug Wilson has efficiently proven why this would be impossible. He writes in concerned tone, citing truth, and meanwhile tellingContinue reading “Obvious Lies and Gratuitous Spins”