Katie Botkin is a freelance writer and for 13 years, was an editor of MultiLingual magazine, working up to Editor-in-Chief. She decided at the age of six that she wanted to be an author, and invented magazines to write throughout her homeschooling career. Afterwards, she traveled the world extensively to catch up on what she’d missed as a nerd. She has bachelors degrees in French and Journalism summa cum laude, and a master’s in TESL (or English, with an emphasis on linguistics).

And degrees are great, but the most helpful tools in writing are skepticism, methodical research capabilities, and perpetual curiosity about almost everything. And words, yes. Loving the rhythm and shape of words helps too.

Katie is currently working on a memoir and a speculative fiction novel. She ghostwrites content for websites and enjoys writing scripts for video projects, as she did in one collaborative cross-culturally-relevant piece she also produced.

She most often writes articles on dance and movement; travel; minority languages such as Salish and Rohingya; and cultural Christianity. She writes personal essays on the topic such as “Why the Devil gets all the good music” and reported pieces include “Keeping the ‘peace and purity’ of a small town Idaho empire.”

Katie also writes about how linguistic tech applies in the real world. “Litigating in Tongues” involves the intersection of linguistics and law for Best Lawyers magazine, and “Linguistic prejudice, race and machine translation” covers topics around dialect. 

Please contact her for editing services and copywriting.

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