Doug Wilson plagiarism Bingo

To play: shuffle excuses, print them out, distribute to friends. Obviously, this is more Bing than Bingo, but it should provide for some entertainment while we wait to see how many of these regurgitated excuses we’ll hear from Doug Wilson before the dust settles. We’ve heard many of them from him before. Thanks in no small partContinue reading “Doug Wilson plagiarism Bingo”

Translating Beowulf

I have a day job, which I occasionally reference here — I work for MultiLingual magazine, managing the content for the translation industry’s most global magazine — we ship to 80-plus countries and cover translation and localization topics from around the world. As such, I occasionally get asked to write for other industry publications, appearContinue reading “Translating Beowulf”

Writing styles and logical fails of a One-Woman Man

I’m not the first to comment on this, nor will I likely be the last. Over at The Gospel Coalition, there’s a quote from Doug Wilson that has resulted in much discussion trying to parse out what he intended, what he didn’t mean, and how anyone who dares to suggest this isn’t true or biblicalContinue reading “Writing styles and logical fails of a One-Woman Man”

A short history of our magazine and the economic downturn

The economic downturn has hurt many a publication, and ours was no exception. Our advertisers had to cut costs, and some cut us. Our boss laid out the situation for us, telling us that in order not to lose anyone, we could choose to lessen our individual hours. We were paid hourly, and we hadContinue reading “A short history of our magazine and the economic downturn”