In honor of my relatives

I stayed with some relatives near Seattle this past week; my father’s first cousin and her mother. Great-aunt Grace Botkin. Married to Lloyd, my grandfather John’s older brother.

My father’s cousin told me that when Lloyd was of a certain age he was diagnosed with acute leukemia. So his children and grandchildren sat around the living room with him for ten days to say goodbye. Lloyd played his accordion and they sang hymns. Apparently, a serviceman came out for maintenance and saw everyone sitting around, and asked if he had interrupted a party.

“No,” said Lloyd “I’m dying.”

With this plethora of technology, I wonder if my great-neices will have more of me at their fingertips than stories like that. I wonder if that’s a good thing.

2 thoughts on “In honor of my relatives

  1. It is written somewhere that too much honey will make you sick. Of course, too much honey will make you sick even if it isn’t written somewhere, but that’s beside the point. We naturally devalue that which is in abundance. Economics 101.

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