When you have the power

When you’re in charge (or want to be) how do you carry the burden? Answer these questions as honestly as possible to find out. Answer not according to your ideal theory, but according to your actions, past and present. Ask yourself: what do I ultimately desire? What best sums up the past few years’ philosophies in these areas? What is your…

Philosophy of money:
A: holding sway over the finances because you make the bulk of the money
B: ensuring that all needs are met
C: … especially the needs of those who can’t make as much money
D: getting to give to get back: I look good and also get the money

Philosophy of control:
A: being able to control any situation
B: making decisions with everyone involved; not exerting more control than the situation calls for
C: turning the other cheek, literally if necessary
D: hmmm, which of these sounds the best?

Philosophy of the market/dating scene:
A: payment for output, preferably at a rate that gets the most bang for buck
B: fair exchange
C: charity, without partiality, hypocrisy or showmanship
D: obsequiousness and generosity will get me what I want

Philosophy when slighted:
A: strike when and where the opponent is weak
B: meet on a level playing field and come to an accord
C: give up the right to attack
D: get henchmen to do the dirty work

Philosophy of helping people:
A: an inconvenience if it’s for someone else; a right if it’s for me
B: good either way
C: always help others; don’t be angry if they don’t help me
D: always help others by helping myself

Philosophy of forgiveness:
A: never really forgive, even if I did the same thing or worse (it puts me in a vulnerable position).
B: forgive if you want to be forgiven (everyone’s in a vulnerable position)
C: forgive before they even ask (I make myself vulnerable)
D: swear all is forgiven (this will make the other vulnerable)

Mostly A: You want to wield power, usually at any cost. Relationship style: Tyrant. Suggested mottos: “might makes right,” “it is better to be feared than loved,” “look out for number one.”
Mostly B: You are about responsibility, which always involves logic and being fair. Relationship style: Democratic. Suggested mottos: “liberty, egality, fraternity,” “what goes around comes around,” “A therefore B.”
Mostly C: Chivalry and sacrifice run in your veins. Relationship style: Christ-like. Suggested mottos: “love your enemies,” “God save King Arthur.”
Mostly D: You are manipulative and highly concerned with how others perceive you. Relationship style: Politician. Suggested mottos: “that depends on what your definition of ‘is’ is.”

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