Thanksgiving weekend

Between the two houses, because my parents bought a place next to my sister, there is a lot of space to sleep and to cook. So we’ve started having holidays there rather than up on the farm, what with its grand total of three bedrooms. Well, fourth of July… that’s different, because you can sleep outside, under the stars, as long as you’re not afraid of cougars.

Thanksgiving this year was a relatively intimate 13 people: 11 adults, a baby and a self-described “big girl” who really liked her grandfather’s hors d’oeuvres invention of pureed smoked salmon with cream cheese and roasted pepper.

At one point I looked over and saw Daniel holding his niece Elaina, who looks a lot like he did when he was a baby, as evidenced rather picturesquely by the adjacent painting of baby Daniel being held by his Dad.

There was also much drinking of coffee and watching of football, particularly the Ducks-Beavers game, for which everyone (even the baby) got decked out in Beaver gear.

4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving weekend

  1. Love the photos. If the translating/novel thing doesn’t work out, I think you could easily switch gears and be a very good photographer. The photo of the two men at the end of the table, heads bowed in prayer…wow! So gutsy to even take that photo. But it is so evocative. Only thing I quibble with is you guys rooting for Oregon State over Oregon…come on, are you crazy?

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