Cultural survey

I have an idea for a research project, which I will probably explain once I’ve gotten more actual research on it. If you’d like to help out, go take my short cultural survey over at Polldaddy. It’s a perfect way to waste time in the next few slow weeks.

5 thoughts on “Cultural survey

  1. I took the survey and found the last question to be poorly worded and/or formatted since it didn’t let me choose an answer that reflects the way I make decisions. I believe a most to least important slider would give you more accurate results. On one hand if my pastor/husband/counselor/friend tells me something that I can see for myself is obviously true then I’ll likely make a head decision and try to persuade my heart to repent and get with the program. On the other hand, I now spend more time listening to how I feel and making decisions that accord with those feelings and not just what other people say I should be feeling/doing.

    1. Hi Natalie,

      Thanks for the feedback. I was going for most important as in what, in general, do you give more weight to: an appeal to authority or self-reflection. It probably is too simplistic, but in theory it represents an interesting dichotomy.

      1. I get that it’s a pretty basic dichotomy. Perhaps the problem is that I’ve recently come to realize that my own self-awareness does carry a sort of authority that (all things being equal) I should consider in decision making. For instance, Mom tells me to do something idiotic because she’s my mom, and my head/heart tells me that this is idiotic and unwarranted and therefore should be left undone. In short, I guess the trouble is that I don’t know what my default is 🙂 In which case perhaps I should have left that question unanswered.

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