How to raise (or lower) a timber frame

IMG_2791 Until I went on-site to take a few photos of a Collin Beggs design/build project, I had no idea what a timber frame raising looked like. Apparently, at least in this case, it looks like a roof being lowered onto 12 interlocking joints using a crane and a crew of nine men. Some last-minute chisel touch ups were needed. Afterwards, as tradition dictates, the youngest member of the crew christened the structure with a whetting bough (not to be confused with a wedding bow, which is what I first thought they were saying).

IMG_2927 IMG_2953

2 thoughts on “How to raise (or lower) a timber frame

  1. I never knew timber framing was like that. I thought it was just logs like a log cabin. Those are cool photos of how it fits together.

  2. I have never seen a Collin Beggs house in person, but his House of Good cheer looks amazing from the photos I’ve seen. So inspiring! Thanks for sharing these.

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