Cruz Quebrada

My first few days in Lisbon, I stayed in Cruz Quebrada because my CouchSurfing host lived there. Formerly a home to heroin addicts, it now primarily provides residential housing for mainstreamers. The tram station is directly next to the water — not the ocean, but still technically the Tagus River. The ocean is a couple of tram stops down.

IMG_0005 IMG_9856 IMG_9863 Cruz Quebrada Lisbon

Cruz Quebrada Lisbon

3 thoughts on “Cruz Quebrada

  1. I specially love that last photo of the little boy who appears to be happily walking around out on his own. It reminds me of the wonderful freedom I enjoyed as child growing up in the Seventies in the U.S. Nowadays, a child out walking on his own in the U.S. is liable to be picked up by police and taken home. In a best-case scenario, the police officer will give parents a stern warning; in a worst-case scenario, they can be hot-lined for suspected child abuse or neglect.

    1. Thanks! The boy was amusing himself by racing the trains on the platform, which I’m sure would be considered dangerous but which was probably ultimately good for him. Sprint training.

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