Palouse Climbing Festival 2011

I placed first (out of one) in my category at the Palouse Climbing Festival. Above, one of the contenders in the male open category. More photos are available to participants.

Hotel vs Hostel: the sequel

Modern open-air for $120 per night, or transformed Victorian house for $10 a night. $10 a night will get you a place with little soap, yes, but soap does not cost $110 a bar, so you still come out ahead. Hostel pluses also include impromptu lessons in Portuguese and Spanish, and conversation in French andContinue reading “Hotel vs Hostel: the sequel”

Hilton vs Hostel

Shouldering my red backpack, worn from travel, and walking down to the lobby crowded with bellboys, suits, and small children, I could feel my senses engaging again. After having spent a few days attending a conference at the Disney Hilton, which rang in at the reasonable price of $199 per night, I was heading outContinue reading “Hilton vs Hostel”