Winter peace

Here in the north, winter can be long and cold. But sometimes that means stories told after dinner, candlelight, long naps, and the change in matter from liquid to various solids, enabling small miracles. Gliding across water, writing messages in the lake.  Yesterday, I wasn’t feeling too well. I told a couple of people, andContinue reading “Winter peace”

This Autumn in New York

The last time I went to New York City, I was two years old. I remember very little of it. The turnstiles in the subway, for some reason, stuck out to me. They were just as I remembered, except they were no longer at head height. This time, the subway system was not fully functional.Continue reading “This Autumn in New York”

The little girl and the good mans on the roof

My niece is getting to the age where she can tell stories. Sort of. Her first attempt was: “One time, a little girl, a man, and a lady. Summer.” And along with that, she’s sorting out who is a good guy and who is bad guy, which basically at this point seems to correspond toContinue reading “The little girl and the good mans on the roof”

Waves, meteors and cougars

My family took the opportunity of a recent trip to Oregon to revisit the cold, gray beaches where we grew up. My niece spotted the rolling mass of waves from afar and asked: “Get in it? My feet?” and her parents were happy to comply, while the baby kept warm with my own parents. MyContinue reading “Waves, meteors and cougars”

Chloë on the farm

I’ve written before about our family farm in Iowa, where my Swedish ancestors settled down. My little niece (the sixth generation) had her first explorations of the place at our most recent family reunion. She got to drive the farm truck, ride the tractor, celebrate her second birthday, walk the train tracks, and play withContinue reading “Chloë on the farm”

Samuel comes to Oregon

“Chloe,” I whispered “Guess who you’re going to see soon? Samuel!” We had just finished dinner, and I had it on good authority that Chloe’s favorite uncle was 20 minutes away. Chloe started jumping up and down. “See Samah soon! See Samah soon!” The rest of us live in Idaho, spread out over less thanContinue reading “Samuel comes to Oregon”