Hotel vs Hostel: the sequel

Modern open-air for $120 per night, or transformed Victorian house for $10 a night. $10 a night will get you a place with little soap, yes, but soap does not cost $110 a bar, so you still come out ahead. Hostel pluses also include impromptu lessons in Portuguese and Spanish, and conversation in French andContinue reading “Hotel vs Hostel: the sequel”

Hilton vs Hostel

Shouldering my red backpack, worn from travel, and walking down to the lobby crowded with bellboys, suits, and small children, I could feel my senses engaging again. After having spent a few days attending a conference at the Disney Hilton, which rang in at the reasonable price of $199 per night, I was heading outContinue reading “Hilton vs Hostel”

Belize highlights

1. exploring Actun Tunichil Muknal, the “Cave of the Stone Sepulcher,” or supposed entrance into the Mayan underworld, where the peoples of the Belizian jungles performed their sacred rituals, including human sacrifice, more than a thousand years ago. We paid a guide to take us through the winding passageways– some nearly entirely underwater– and upContinue reading “Belize highlights”

Traveling with directions

Michal sent me directions to her place in Portland today, hoping, she said, that they were less cryptic than the directions I had left her on a door in Paris once. I had almost forgotten about those directions. I had gotten to this apartment in Paris, rented out by my host brother, a self-proported would-have-beenContinue reading “Traveling with directions”

in the hills outside Dallas

Once upon a time, when I was visiting Berlin, a woman remarked upon the Oregon acreage I used to call home. She had also seen it, and she said that it reminded her “of East Germany before the wall came down.” People staying in the same spot and doing the same things with a sortContinue reading “in the hills outside Dallas”