Selma’s Shanghai

A few years ago, I went to Edinburgh and decided it was one of my favorite cities in the world for its own sake. I didn’t do a whole lot there, other than drink really good Scotch for not very much money and admire the architecture. I tried to connect with this Chinese girl SelmaContinue reading “Selma’s Shanghai”

Crashing Shanghai Fashion Week

I decide I’m going to Shanghai Fashion Week to try to get them to photograph me for my rad street style. From what I observed yesterday after I stumbled into the heart of Shanghai Fashion Week totally by accident, people like to take photos of you if you’re dressed in something crazy. Like a mink coat withContinue reading “Crashing Shanghai Fashion Week”

Arriving in China

The quiet orderliness of my arrival into China is weirding me out. It’s so easy, routine. Nothing like I remember from 14 years ago at the boarder crossing from Hong Kong to mainland China, nothing whatsoever like being pressed forward in an untamed crowd of human flesh towards an official stamp in your passport. I smile. The agents smileContinue reading “Arriving in China”