Doug Wilson on the Confederate Flag

I don’t read Doug Wilson’s blog much; I have better things to do with my time than subject myself to long-winded prose whose tagline should really be “theology that chews its own leg off.” Unsurprisingly, Wilson has spent a lot of energy recently not-exactly-explaining why the Confederate flag is fine-just-fine, the foremost reason of which is abortion.Continue reading “Doug Wilson on the Confederate Flag”

Vice, Victims and Doug Wilson

Doug Wilson thinks that Lourdes Torres-Manteufel is not a victim; that she was a willing participant in an affair with Doug Phillips, and here’s his logic: Doug Phillips sexually assaulted her She cried and asked him to stop He did not stop She didn’t immediately leave his house. Therefore, it must have been consensual. Therefore,Continue reading “Vice, Victims and Doug Wilson”

Psychopaths, testosterone, leadership, patriarchy

A few days ago, Doug Wilson pontificated that Doug Phillips, having fallen from grace and besmirched the name of patriarchy, had been led astray by his own “testosterone,” which men in leadership are apparently prone to do if they don’t watch themselves: “A man with lots of testosterone is in a position to start aContinue reading “Psychopaths, testosterone, leadership, patriarchy”

Doug Wilson, as he was

The first time I encountered Doug Wilson was in the fall of 2000, in the basement of someone’s house. Wilson was reading an excerpt from a humorous book to a collection of admiring college students. It may have been written by P.G. Wodehouse; I frankly do not remember. I was 19 years old and wasContinue reading “Doug Wilson, as he was”

Writing styles and logical fails of a One-Woman Man

I’m not the first to comment on this, nor will I likely be the last. Over at The Gospel Coalition, there’s a quote from Doug Wilson that has resulted in much discussion trying to parse out what he intended, what he didn’t mean, and how anyone who dares to suggest this isn’t true or biblicalContinue reading “Writing styles and logical fails of a One-Woman Man”