Depressing diatribe on date-rape

Maybe it’s the mid-January slump where people are most likely statistically to commit suicide, but in the past six days, I’ve learned that five of my friends have been date-raped and that a sixth friend, whom I already knew was raped years ago, had been raped again recently. Nobody reported any of it. Additional women voicedContinue reading “Depressing diatribe on date-rape”

Psychopaths, testosterone, leadership, patriarchy

A few days ago, Doug Wilson pontificated that Doug Phillips, having fallen from grace and besmirched the name of patriarchy, had been led astray by his own “testosterone,” which men in leadership are apparently prone to do if they don’t watch themselves: “A man with lots of testosterone is in a position to start aContinue reading “Psychopaths, testosterone, leadership, patriarchy”

On sensory defensiveness and being a mutant

Today at work I made a joke about how my annoyance with a subtle chemical smell, which turned out to be the wafting paint fumes from a graffiti artist in the nearest alley, kind of made me a superhero. For a moment, I indulged in a fantasy where bringing this toxic airborne compound to myContinue reading “On sensory defensiveness and being a mutant”

Corporality, part II: When love is pain

One of the things I dislike the most about the way some Christians spank their kids is the idea that it models God’s love for us, because he “chastises those he loves.” Because this means that as a child, you’re thus indoctrinated with the idea that you will receive pain when you’re bad, and thatContinue reading “Corporality, part II: When love is pain”

Sociopaths and authoritarian lifestyles

For a long time now, I’ve been reading personal stories of people who have been hurt by hierarchical relationships and the cultures that surround them. Now, hierarchy exists in many forms, and in many cultures, and it’s something that we actually reduce to points on a scale sometimes — we cite Geert Hofstede, for example,Continue reading “Sociopaths and authoritarian lifestyles”

The triad of the self

Be honest, how many of those time-wasting quizzes have you taken in the quest to pigeonhole yourself? How many of the conflicting answers sound more or less like you? Have you ever thought (or heard someone else exclaim) “I wish someone would just tell me who I am so I know what to DO withContinue reading “The triad of the self”

Personality’s light touch

I’ve been on this personality kick, but something I haven’t really considered much is this: how do these different personality types fit into different cultures? Different microcultures? One person, for example, pointed out that although there are introverts and extroverts within his family, in the outside world, they would all be considered introverts. In aContinue reading “Personality’s light touch”