My 30th birthday is tomorrow, and in many ways, I do not feel much different than I did at 25. Stronger, maybe; more capable, and also more fragile. I know the simple comfort of tucking myself into bed at night, in my own little house. I know the flush of blood pounding in my earsContinue reading “-30-“

The art of non-romantic conversation

The best conversation, I think, is serious but jovial, drawing in ideas and reference to some shared joke or reference, sometimes rejoined with a sly observance, contradiction, further witticism, or self-deprecating but hearty laugh. Talking even of the weather leaps from the mundane to the sublime. Whether or not you are equals, you meet asContinue reading “The art of non-romantic conversation”

Action figures

During my lifespan I have adopted rather divergent standards of action, usually translated as athleticism — for in this day and age, it is the select few who find action as anything but luxury undertaken when workload and home life allow. It began with running around, (typically after I’d read plenty) climbing trees, swimming, gymnastics,Continue reading “Action figures”

One of the boys

Maybe it’s because they see less often the connection from this moment to the burning toast of five minutes hence, and thus are less distracted. Maybe it’s because they’ve been trained to cut to the chase, or maybe it’s an abundance of stimulants naturally present in their minds. Maybe they’re trying to impress me. WhateverContinue reading “One of the boys”