Packing light for an active, varied, round-the-world trip

I can fit all of my possessions for this round-the-world trip in one carry-on. Well, that is, if I cheat a little. My goal has always been to pack light enough to meet Ryanair’s cabin requirements of one cabin bag with the maximum dimensions of 55 by 40 by 20 centimeters. Ryanair says the weightContinue reading “Packing light for an active, varied, round-the-world trip”

My favorite traveling shoes

I have tried traveling with quite a few pairs of shoes over the years — everything from Doc Marten boots, to Converse All Stars, to Asics running shoes, to expensive ballet flats of various brands. In a good travel shoe I want support, comfort and flexibility. They have to go with everything in the limitedContinue reading “My favorite traveling shoes”

Advice to my youngest brother as he prepares for his first trip

My 18-year-old brother is going on his first semi-solo backpacking trip to the UK in a couple of weeks. He’s planning to be gone for two months, and he’s traveling on a budget. So, Isaiah, here is some packing wisdom from your oldest sister, who happens to have spent about two years of the lastContinue reading “Advice to my youngest brother as he prepares for his first trip”