Haircut in pantomime

I need a haircut. My hair has always been a source of trouble: fine, flyaway, limp, straight. I’ve been experimenting with different short haircuts in an attempt to make the most of it. I haven’t been thrilled with the results I’ve gotten locally in North Idaho, so I figure, time to be crazy and goContinue reading “Haircut in pantomime”

A real Thai massage in Bangkok

I land in Bangkok just after midnight, and by the time I get to my hotel it’s after 2. I figure this is great news for getting my sleep on track: to recoup from my 28 hours of travel and the impending jetlag, I plan to sleep, eat, and relax until I don’t want toContinue reading “A real Thai massage in Bangkok”

Evensong at Westminster Abbey

Last time I was in London, back in 2001, the one big tourist attraction I paid for was Westminster Abbey. This was on December 31, just after I’d met up with a friend of mine from study abroad: after the semester ended, we agreed to meet up at noon in front of Buckingham Palace onContinue reading “Evensong at Westminster Abbey”

Orange Grove road to Silat avenue

I walk down Orange Grove road, past the lush gardens of opulent hotels, which are much the same in every country in the world, to Orchard road, which is lined with high-end shops and high-end shoppers who teeter along on their unusually frilly designer heels and look impossibly sleek in the humidity. I am wearingContinue reading “Orange Grove road to Silat avenue”

Religious tour of Chinatown

My sightseeing here in Singapore has been somewhat curtailed by my efforts to get my passport paperwork in order, but I did make it down to Chinatown, which is both a huge free tourist destination and an interesting cultural commentary on Singapore. There is no majority religion in Singapore due to the diverse ethnic mixContinue reading “Religious tour of Chinatown”

My favorite traveling shoes

I have tried traveling with quite a few pairs of shoes over the years — everything from Doc Marten boots, to Converse All Stars, to Asics running shoes, to expensive ballet flats of various brands. In a good travel shoe I want support, comfort and flexibility. They have to go with everything in the limitedContinue reading “My favorite traveling shoes”

Advice to my youngest brother as he prepares for his first trip

My 18-year-old brother is going on his first semi-solo backpacking trip to the UK in a couple of weeks. He’s planning to be gone for two months, and he’s traveling on a budget. So, Isaiah, here is some packing wisdom from your oldest sister, who happens to have spent about two years of the lastContinue reading “Advice to my youngest brother as he prepares for his first trip”

CouchSurfing Italy

In Italy, my accommodation is taken care of via CouchSurfing, a website and, for some, an entire way of life. It’s like karma, or Christianity, or anarchy, or socialism. I think different people have slightly different motivations for doing it. Some (the ones who “are not true couchsurfers”) are just looking for a free placeContinue reading “CouchSurfing Italy”

Hilton vs Hostel

Shouldering my red backpack, worn from travel, and walking down to the lobby crowded with bellboys, suits, and small children, I could feel my senses engaging again. After having spent a few days attending a conference at the Disney Hilton, which rang in at the reasonable price of $199 per night, I was heading outContinue reading “Hilton vs Hostel”