Diary of a snowstorm, part two

Day 7, January 10 The day is off to a bad start when I still haven’t fallen asleep at 1 a.m. because my lungs have decided that it’s a great time to protest how hard I’ve been going. Or maybe it’s the dry air up here. I’m wheezing and coughing to the point I’m worriedContinue reading “Diary of a snowstorm, part two”

Diary of a snowstorm, part one

Day 5 on the mountain, January 8 The snow coverage has been relatively awful this year, so I haven’t been up much, despite the fact that I purchased a season pass at Schweitzer. But now there are three inches of fresh powder over a sheet of ice and woodland debris — the first signs ofContinue reading “Diary of a snowstorm, part one”

In the woods

Last Saturday, I decided to take advantage of the week’s fifty-odd inches of new snowfall and hit up Schweitzer with my snowboard. I texted a few friends on the way, but they were waking up late. I chuckled and surveyed the conditions. Foggy at the summit, and windy. Ice-whipping-sideways-and-stinging-my-face windy. I guessed it would beContinue reading “In the woods”

The things you take for granted

Like walking up stairs, walking a few blocks, bending over to pick something up, sitting in chairs, rolling over in bed, getting in a car… all sadly agonizing when any part of your spinal column is injured. If you’re going to have a spinal injury, I recommend choosing to injur your tailbone. A cracked coccyxContinue reading “The things you take for granted”