Capitalistic ventures and political season

Capitalism is, in this country, synonymous with American Christianity, specifically the kind that misquotes the Bible to say “if a man doesn’t work, he shouldn’t get any handouts from us.” Capitalism is, in theory, about a person’s merits and earning potential, about hard work, about rising up ahead of everyone else because your ideas or productsContinue reading “Capitalistic ventures and political season”

The New Socialism

Socialism to the literary skeptic means 1984 (where Ingsoc, shorthand for English Socialism, rules with an iron fist for the Party’s good pleasure), or Harrison Bergeron (where everyone is pulled down to the lowest common denominator so that finally everyone is equal). To the redneck, it means not being able to call any land hisContinue reading “The New Socialism”

America, the Workable

A semi-recent article in the Wall Street Journal, “Want More Growth in China? Have Faith,” reports that Peter Zhao, a Communist party member/advisor to the Chinese Central Committee, is arguing that Christianity is the key to the West’s prosperity. “He claims that Christianity produces greater wealth than other religions or no religion. His view isContinue reading “America, the Workable”