In the waters of Royal Davui

I look for adventure that will make my blood surge, although the ocean has probably provided me with more terror than all other terrain combined. I have always wanted to go diving, and now, here in a pristine Fijian paradise, I have the chance. So I start in the resort’s pool, and dive off-jetty withinContinue reading “In the waters of Royal Davui”

After 35 hours of travel and a few more resting

There is no time. No day, night. No hour for eating, or sleeping. I am always tired, always dozing, but never fully asleep. I am never hungry and never full. I am fed dinner at midnight local time and then breakfast at 3 a.m. local time. These are seven hours apart. I am in crowds.Continue reading “After 35 hours of travel and a few more resting”