At home

Stayed awake with one brother and Kelsey, who is up for Thanksgiving, until they got tired. Silly children. Haven’t laughed so much in a long time. Ok, maybe yesterday.

Daniel (the silent 16-year-old): I usually fast and pray and then get advice before I even talk, but with her (he shakes his head, just thinking of the absent girl) I get so hyper. Why is it that you can never reach your full potential when you especially want to?
Kelsey: I don’t know, dude. (she flounces around in her pyjammas. Daniel turns his face away until he can only half-see her.)
Daniel (squinting): you’re less tempting this way (he falls over backwards from lack of balance).
Kelsey: haha!
Bess (who has taken the bed in the room assigned to the girls, where we happen to be): I’m trying to sleep, you guys.
Daniel: so where do we go?
(good question: even the living room contains sleeping people)
Katie: the bathroom.
Daniel: yes!
(we troop in, the three of us, and decide to amuse ourselves using liquid eyeliner on Daniel, who protests, but concedes it makes him look like he has been fighting)
Daniel: maybe it’s a good thing we don’t reach our full potential when we want to.
Katie: why?
Daniel (gesturing to mirror): because it could be that.

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