Art and the masculine

Doug Wilson has been asked by more than one CREC pastor to stop blogging about the abuse cases being handled by the CREC inquiry, including the Greenfield case. As it should be blatantly obvious by now, not only has he not listened, he and his associates appear to have been gearing up to inflict theContinue reading “Art and the masculine”

To catch a thief, crowdsourced

On May 29 or 30 of last year, my Burton snowboarding jacket got taken out of my car, which was parked (unlocked) in front of my house. It was a distinctive coat, with a purple argyle pattern that had endeared it to me when I discovered it on clearance in Seattle back in 2007. ItContinue reading “To catch a thief, crowdsourced”

Ars longa, vita brevis

When we were young, we had a collection of movies that my mom had edited for language and adult situations. She even edited “Aladdin” because the parrot had a bad attitude. At the same time, we knew plenty about anatomy, due in part to our plentiful medical and art books dissecting the human form. WhenContinue reading “Ars longa, vita brevis”

I love spring, I hate spring

I suffer from migraines approximately once a year. Every single instance I can recall has been in the spring, on a sunny day, as the weather was getting nice. Last year, in about April, I just about blacked out at work and walked smack into the printer, which caused some consternation among my colleagues. InContinue reading “I love spring, I hate spring”

Terse editorial

Editors want writers to blow their socks off lyrically, yes. They also want them to be informative, relevant and concrete. These are two opposing sides to the same coin. The coin may land face-up or face-down, depending on the publication, but most often, the two sides should spin in a silver whir, scarcely distinguishable. InContinue reading “Terse editorial”

Christmas anecdote

Scott bought a very nice shovel to shovel our walk; it’s light and functional and sturdy. It’s been snowing almost without ceasing lately, however, and finding the time to keep up with it is another matter. Time, in fact, is always the problem; there’s never enough time to do everything. Yesterday Scott returned home forContinue reading “Christmas anecdote”