For awhile now (since getting wireless internet) it seems that every time I plop my laptop in my lap and start surfing, my body rebels. Specifically, and this sounds paranoid, I know, my ovaries hurt. A little. However, I realize the power of suggestion and that this is possibly all in my head — in my pre-determinedly hypochondriac, nature-loving, baby-wanting synapses. I theorize that the electromagnetic frequencies coursing through my bones and blood from surrounding cell phone towers and wireless routers can’t be good, though. I theorize that any recent rise in cancer might be from rising technology as much as depleted ozone. Suddenly, I want to head for the hills, foreswear plasma screens and globalization and become just a simple hunter-gatherer. Not that I will, mind you, but I do have a question:

Has anyone seen any credible sources documenting the dangers of this? I looked — on the Internet, of course — and found some theorizing only slightly more backed up than my own. I don’t know that the long-term effects of such mass exposure to cell phones and wireless internet can be ascertained at this point, though.

This is making my head hurt. I’m going to bed.