Done done

The meaning of this contrastive reduplication (a term I learned in Grammar 518) is that I have just submitted the final grades for my sections of English 102, at four minutes to five the Monday after final’s week. I am now finished with Grad school.

This is, of course, barring complications. I don’t have my diploma yet; not even my own final grades. I had a nightmare last night that I got a B- on my last paper.

5 thoughts on “Done done

  1. Yes. It turned out not to be true. Still, I only got a 3.88 GPA in Grad school. Yes — I got a B once. The first ever.

    It sucked.

    Now, on to real life, where one does not get grades.

  2. Grades would be easier, wouldn’t they?

    And why have I, who have been out of school these six years, been plagued with anxiety-ridden school dreams?

    Grades. Grace. Grades. Grace. I’m onto something…

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