Food personality quiz for the holidays

Not sure who you are or what you like? This quiz is meant to test your personality and also to advise you to look for select recipes this holiday season. Simply answer the questions below and follow up with my patent-pending assessment at the bottom.

For breakfast, you’re eating scrambled eggs. To flavor them, you add

Salt and pepper, though you’d really like something else, too…
Italian seasoning

It’s mid-morning, and you’re hungry again. There’s an array of choices in the break room (left over in the refrigerator/ lying on your counter from last night’s bash). You select

A Chips Ahoy
A sliver of lamb with chutney
Exotic bread, with butter
A full-fat scoop of yogurt

Lunchtime! You’re dreaming of

A large fountain drink and some fries
Savory chicken soup
Anything with marinara
Anything with white sauce

A friend brings you a bagel. Your topping of choice:

Welch’s jam
Hummus, with flavors resembling curry
Hummus, with flavors enough to send your friend reeling
Cream cheese

By the time dinner rolls around, you’re not that hungry, and you’re in a rush. You grab

A brownie from Starbuck’s
Thai take-out
Ravioli from the can
A mozzarella stick

Decide which number (1-4) best represents your food desire. Depending upon your answer, you should try cooking with

corn syrup (you, proud American, will rarely rock the boat).
cumin (you have a thirst for adventure! Try experimenting in the kitchen when all else fails).
garlic (you’re destined to be fat and happy. Just remember to brush your teeth).
goat cheese (lactose is your friend, and it looks good on you).
Any combination of these: any combination. Try also: rosemary, chili powder, chocolate, olives, vinegar, red wine, white wine, lemon zest, coconut… food was made to be improved.

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