The triad of the self

Be honest, how many of those time-wasting quizzes have you taken in the quest to pigeonhole yourself? How many of the conflicting answers sound more or less like you? Have you ever thought (or heard someone else exclaim) “I wish someone would just tell me who I am so I know what to DO withContinue reading “The triad of the self”

Personality’s light touch

I’ve been on this personality kick, but something I haven’t really considered much is this: how do these different personality types fit into different cultures? Different microcultures? One person, for example, pointed out that although there are introverts and extroverts within his family, in the outside world, they would all be considered introverts. In aContinue reading “Personality’s light touch”

Personality conflicts

Being a fairly introspective person, I’ve always thought I had a pretty good grasp of myself, and given that myself is pragmatic, logical, imaginative, flexible, dependable and at least relatively articulate, I had a hard time understanding why I didn’t make perfect sense to everyone else. Part of it may boil down to raw statistics.Continue reading “Personality conflicts”

Ten questions to expedite your demise

The political spectrum is populated with hypocritical weirdos just like you. People with good intentions, lack of time and loads of frustration; people worried about the future and the real, gripping ethical problems our world is facing. Unfortunately, most of the political talk I hear assumes one of two things: 1. conservatives are defined byContinue reading “Ten questions to expedite your demise”

Food personality quiz for the holidays

Not sure who you are or what you like? This quiz is meant to test your personality and also to advise you to look for select recipes this holiday season. Simply answer the questions below and follow up with my patent-pending assessment at the bottom. For breakfast, you’re eating scrambled eggs. To flavor them, youContinue reading “Food personality quiz for the holidays”

Put your humor to the test

I was compiling stuff for a fake magazine to give to my parents for Christmas: Highbrow Slick, a literary rag bursting at the seams with such gems as reviews of the Song of Solomon in limerick form. Only I didn’t have time to pull it off. One of the articles was a horoscope, kyped, compiledContinue reading “Put your humor to the test”