Areté after Ares

There is no honor

In resting upon your laurels or your thorns

In letting past glory or failure answer for the day

There is no honor

In claiming gain as worth, or debt as sin

In having either steal your self-possession

There is no honor

In giving any slight, annoyance, hindrance, tardiness or lack

Inordinate weight.

Rather, your honor lies in this:

That you protect yourself and fellow man,

However depleted you may be

However little you agree

However little you have slept

That you make do with whatever tool lies at your right hand,

That you take the sword and turn it to a plowshare

And learn the thought behind the action —

To live by honor, when none but honor orders.

One thought on “Areté after Ares

  1. I like the contrast between the idea of weapons of opportunity and “beating the sword into a plowshare.” I think a lot of Veterans can identify with struggling with this.

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