I know that a number of people have posted links to sources critical of Doug Wilson’s recent actions, or expressed critique themselves, and subsequently been contacted by CREC pastors, elders and their family members with various injunctions against posting/saying such things. Usually, these injunctions are worded as “you don’t know the whole story, so you shouldn’t be talking about it” or “you shouldn’t gossip.” Sometimes they’re worded more strongly, with cautions against associating with the “slander” of “God-haters with an axe to grind,” etc etc. Sometimes, gross misrepresentations of these “God-haters” are even mixed in. Occasionally, threats may be involved. Quite a few of the people who have been thus contacted are not even CREC church members, which seems particularly meddlesome.

I would like to know how many people this has happened to, aside from the cases I’m already familiar with. I will post the results anonymously. I will need to know who you actually are, just for the sake of my own record-keeping (and fact-checking where applicable), but your name and any identifying information will be kept secret. If you’ve received threats, veiled or otherwise, it would be good to know this.

I don’t expect that everyone who has experienced this will feel comfortable contacting me (assuming they read my blog in the first place), but I’m interested in getting a representative sample. Note: as always, the linked contact form will direct your message to a private and secure inbox and will be seen only by me.