Carve our name in hearts into the warhead

I watched the classic zombie movie Dawn of the Dead last night, and was somewhat surprised to discover that, far from being a horror film, it is actually a semi-utopian romance. The fact that two of the four main characters end up as zombies is somewhat immaterial. After brief purging of the slow-as-snails undead and […]

The cult of the beautiful stranger

What do dreadlocked European hitchhikers, inner-city 14-year-olds and ancient bar rats have in common? Perhaps the unspoken desire to “surrender myself into the arms of a beautiful stranger… who really loves me.” This paradox is the modern, shall we say, cult of the beautiful stranger, and it has permeated nearly every romantic ideal in our […]

Free gifts

Typically, when you get a present it’s in celebration of some momentous event, something like the 25th of December and the pagan ritual-cum-Christian-holiday that has resulted. Typically, you’re handed a gift and you know exactly where it came from and exactly how much the person loves you based on the thought, time and salary percentage […]

Ten things I’ve learned in four weeks of being a housewife

1. If you put your husband’s fine merino sweater in the dryer (even 20 minutes on gentle cycle, apparently) you will magically get a new you-sized fine merino sweater. 2. Men, even clean men, leave their dirty socks on the floor. 3. Men do not like being given a running stream of advice when they […]