Hell in a breadbasket

I had a dream about the scratch plow last night, the point of which was that agriculture had destroyed the world. I was watching the first man plow the first field, with a curious sense of foreboding, knowing all the evil that would befall the human race because of his ingenuity. Our entire way ofContinue reading “Hell in a breadbasket”

This just in: food hazardous to health

You can find schools of thought touting reasons to give up red meat (it causes colon cancer, heart attacks, mad cow disease) or really meat or animal products of any kind (you could get bird flu, for one thing, and it’s just all around bad), gluten (a high risk of death in those with undiagnosedContinue reading “This just in: food hazardous to health”

What to do with frozen lettuce

I’m back to my culinarily-creative self, which involves not wasting anything. Including a head of lettuce I pulled out of my crippled fridge last night intending to make salad, only to discover it was crunchy with ice. I stared at it until I recalled once making soup out of lettuce. Now, generally something this weirdContinue reading “What to do with frozen lettuce”

Contemplating genetics

I went to the doctor yesterday, my first-ever real check up (other than the wandering into the living room, flopping onto the couch, and expositing on my symptoms to my father). I apparently have a heart murmur. That wasn’t so surprising; I went in because my heart was doing something funny. What was surprising wasContinue reading “Contemplating genetics”

Food personality quiz for the holidays

Not sure who you are or what you like? This quiz is meant to test your personality and also to advise you to look for select recipes this holiday season. Simply answer the questions below and follow up with my patent-pending assessment at the bottom. For breakfast, you’re eating scrambled eggs. To flavor them, youContinue reading “Food personality quiz for the holidays”