The things you take for granted

Like walking up stairs, walking a few blocks, bending over to pick something up, sitting in chairs, rolling over in bed, getting in a car… all sadly agonizing when any part of your spinal column is injured. If you’re going to have a spinal injury, I recommend choosing to injur your tailbone. A cracked coccyxContinue reading “The things you take for granted”

Superbowl highlights: if I could just remember who played

I’ve watched the Superbowl almost every year since I was 11. I remember that first time… at my parents’ friends’ house… a cornucopia of partially hydrogenated snacks and fizzy syrup, this sport I knew nothing about, and A BOY TO EXPLAIN IT TO ME. Actually, I don’t think he had a clue either; we talkedContinue reading “Superbowl highlights: if I could just remember who played”