Armed conflict escalates as death toll rises in Salem

July 21, 1694, Reuters staff writer SALEM, Mass — Over 60 Puritans have been killed today as the death toll rises on both sides of the conflict in Essex County. The Naumkeag people have also suffered, having lost 14 warriors and two other members of their tribe since the fighting began a month ago. “We were hereContinue reading “Armed conflict escalates as death toll rises in Salem”

Christian Zionism and Judas Iscariot

I grew up hearing a lot about the Israeli-Palestian conflict, and it was always the same story: the Palestinians were the aggressors, Israel barely holding its own and hoping to eventually settle conflicts that had been there for thousands of years. But Israel was for Jews, that much was clear. Because the Babylonians took their land,Continue reading “Christian Zionism and Judas Iscariot”