Obvious Lies and Gratuitous Spins

As more and more has come out about the sex abuse scandals in Christ Church, some have suggested taking complaints through the “proper channels” instead of airing everything over the internet. With this guest post, Doug Wilson has efficiently proven why this would be impossible. He writes in concerned tone, citing truth, and meanwhile tellingContinue reading “Obvious Lies and Gratuitous Spins”

Doug Wilson, localized into American English

So my day job consists of managing a magazine about translation and cultural differences, including editing a host of articles written by people whose first language is not English. In these instances, it is very helpful to know how language works — the way French deals with certain idiomatic expressions that would not make senseContinue reading “Doug Wilson, localized into American English”

50 Shades Darker in the CREC

Doug Wilson’s semi-obsession with dissing 50 Shades of Grey ties in directly to the abuse cases I’ve seen coming out of the CREC. A caveat, in case this isn’t obvious enough: I am aware that the CREC is not some homogeneous bedsore on the body of an otherwise-perfect world. Each church is different, and eachContinue reading “50 Shades Darker in the CREC”

50 Shades More Redundant

Doug Wilson’s recent post reminds me of something he wrote back in 2013. So much so, that I pulled up a draft of what I was writing in response back then, and it basically matched word for word. I figure that if Doug can recycle his arguments ad nauseum, at least it gives me a chanceContinue reading “50 Shades More Redundant”

Why men who submit to authority are prettier

Doug Wilson’s distracting us from the recent sex abuse hubbub by dishing up his usual insults about the kinds of females who displease him. Specifically, he gives us the supposed full picture of non-Christian females by stating “Unbelieving women either compete for the attention of men through outlandish messages that communicate some variation of ‘easy lay,’Continue reading “Why men who submit to authority are prettier”

The CREC’s Cult of Silence

I don’t know everything about these cases in the CREC, that’s what people say. I don’t know what the elders know, and I’m just stirring the pot needlessly. So I should just stop talking about it. Here’s the truth: I’ve known far more about these sexual abuse cases than what I’ve published or commented on,Continue reading “The CREC’s Cult of Silence”

The CREC and sex

Sex figures prominently into many of the narratives where the CREC has spectacularly failed. And I don’t think the CREC will fix this problem until it fixes its perceptions of sex. So the denomination as a whole and the individuals within it need to re-examine several crucial sexual issues, and go from there. First, theContinue reading “The CREC and sex”

A slice of my own story

Over the past decade, there has been a pattern of dealing with abusive people in the CREC and affiliated churches, and the pattern hasn’t been good. The pattern, in fact, has allowed abusive people to flourish and re-offend. I am not the first to have commented on this, and I will not be the last.Continue reading “A slice of my own story”

The letter on Christ Church stationery

In my last post, I discussed the fact that Doug Wilson was claiming that his refusal to talk about the Jamin Wight and Steven Silter scandals was because he was bound by confidentiality and also by his need to “protect” “the sheep” from “wolves” who had come forward to “tell the story.” If you need aContinue reading “The letter on Christ Church stationery”