Moving my DNA

It’s pretty great when you find some scientific, health-related justification for doing what you’re already doing, which is “whatever the crap I want,” as I once scribbled on a doctor’s form asking what I did for exercise. And that’s basically how I’m interpreting Katy Bowman’s book, Move Your DNA. My approach to health and lifestyleContinue reading “Moving my DNA”

Why Josh Duggar won’t say “victim.”

Very consistently in the apologies that people like Josh Duggar and Doug Phillips offered the public, there was no mention whatsoever of the victims of their crimes. Duggar refers to “those affected by my actions,” as if he were discussing a game of Monopoly. This is not an accident. The word “victim” is rarely orContinue reading “Why Josh Duggar won’t say “victim.””

Consent, Theonomists and Josh Duggar

The reaction of some of Josh Duggar’s defenders point to the larger, deeper problem of glossing over abuses of power because “all sins are equal in the sight of God.” Defenders ask, “Who of us didn’t make mistakes? Who of us didn’t sin as teenagers?” But the scandal is not about “sin,” in that it’sContinue reading “Consent, Theonomists and Josh Duggar”

Josh Duggar and the pattern of scandal

The Josh Duggar scandal is only the most recent of a disturbing trend in what I’ll call Cloistered Christian Patriarchy movements. Although the communities have differed in approach and tone, location and rules, there are a number of them who have seen similar scandals. They have all promoted strict authority structures, vilification of anyone whoContinue reading “Josh Duggar and the pattern of scandal”

I Don’t Want To Do Anything, So You Better Be Rich

I’m pretty. Therefore I deserve millions of dollars and a husband who spoils me. If you’re a millionaire, keep reading; if you’re not, keep reading anyway in case you score an inheritance or a lucrative legal settlement in the near future. Did I mention that with a blonde wig on I look like Marilyn Monroe?Continue reading “I Don’t Want To Do Anything, So You Better Be Rich”

I’m Wearing This Hat Because I’m Going Bald

32-year-old gamer seeks IRL relationship with bodacious female who will love him for himself. Username: KnightOfYesteryear. Turn-ons: Literally everything. Turn-offs: People who assume I live in my parents’ basement (I live in my own room, thanks), shallow girls who are just into looks, the question “So, what do you do?” What do I DO? IContinue reading “I’m Wearing This Hat Because I’m Going Bald”

I Have Six Venereal Diseases and a Bad Case of Scabies But I’m Definitely Healthier Than You

47-year-old hippie seeks energetic, enlightened partner with non-working nose for polyamorous marriage and help weeding the garden. Must be a passionate fan of using human waste as compost. Must also have capability of actually engineering this because so far nobody in my house has. Username: HeartChakraGuru. Turn-ons: Patchouli, hydroponics, sexual chi. Turn-offs: Corporations, non-organic food, people who deny theirContinue reading “I Have Six Venereal Diseases and a Bad Case of Scabies But I’m Definitely Healthier Than You”

Pompous Homeschooled Zealot Seeks Handmaiden With No Ideas Of Her Own

19-year-old patriarch-in-training desires helpmeet to provide things Mom has taken care of up until now. She must be a chaste, quiet keeper at home who will dutifully satiate me at all times using sexual intercourse within the bonds of covenant marriage. Any other kind would damn me eternally into the Non Virgin Pew at theContinue reading “Pompous Homeschooled Zealot Seeks Handmaiden With No Ideas Of Her Own”