Doug Wilson on marriage

Doug Wilson, and his fans, are pretty busy telling everyone that the courts allowed Steven Sitler to get married, so Wilson himself is blameless if said marriage produces abuse or “sexual stimulation” involving an infant, even though Wilson officiated the wedding of this couple, both of whom attended his church. Presumably, Sitler was also under Wilson’s counselingContinue reading “Doug Wilson on marriage”

In the interest of American marriage

I had already been thinking a lot about marriage, and what it does and doesn’t mean legally, so the news, ferried to my unwitting eyes today by the magic of mutual Facebook friends, that my ex-husband got married in an “impromptu” wedding this last weekend sort of fit right into that mix. The thing is,Continue reading “In the interest of American marriage”

In the interest of Biblical marriage

Are you disgusted by the thought of two obese bodies colliding during coitus? This is a natural reaction. We should all be disgusted at this sick perversion. God created us all small to begin with, and to exchange our small frames for something that will make us unhealthy, that will encourage others, including the childrenContinue reading “In the interest of Biblical marriage”