On daughters, college, and nouveau patriarchy

At this moment, in my family and extended family, there are just three females born Botkin who still remain Botkin: me, and <a href=”http://visionarydaughters.com/”>Anna and Elizabeth</a>. These two girls are more or less leaders in a Christian movement encouraging daughters to stay at home until marriage. They quote scripture to support this idea; Proverbs 7:11,Continue reading “On daughters, college, and nouveau patriarchy”

in the hills outside Dallas

Once upon a time, when I was visiting Berlin, a woman remarked upon the Oregon acreage I used to call home. She had also seen it, and she said that it reminded her “of East Germany before the wall came down.” People staying in the same spot and doing the same things with a sortContinue reading “in the hills outside Dallas”

but what does ‘documentary’ mean?

As I was unlocking my bike from a rack downtown today, a man approached me, a clean-shaven man with a maturing face that I vaguely recognized. A youth sporting a camera on his shoulder advanced on his right and a girl (script writer?) brought up the rear. “Excuse me,” said the man (I know whereContinue reading “but what does ‘documentary’ mean?”

In honor of my relatives

I stayed with some relatives near Seattle this past week; my father’s first cousin and her mother. Great-aunt Grace Botkin. Married to Lloyd, my grandfather John’s older brother. My father’s cousin told me that when Lloyd was of a certain age he was diagnosed with acute leukemia. So his children and grandchildren sat around theContinue reading “In honor of my relatives”

With brotherhood

A German man told me recently that after moving to the U.S.A. he has developed a “zero tolerance for religion.” “Every other day,” he said “there’s someone at the door wanting to change me. And the fanatics… the fanatics get the power. Just look at the American government. On est tous dans la merde.” ThisContinue reading “With brotherhood”