In the interest of American marriage

I had already been thinking a lot about marriage, and what it does and doesn’t mean legally, so the news, ferried to my unwitting eyes today by the magic of mutual Facebook friends, that my ex-husband got married in an “impromptu” wedding this last weekend sort of fit right into that mix. The thing is,Continue reading “In the interest of American marriage”

In the interest of Biblical marriage

Are you disgusted by the thought of two obese bodies colliding during coitus? This is a natural reaction. We should all be disgusted at this sick perversion. God created us all small to begin with, and to exchange our small frames for something that will make us unhealthy, that will encourage others, including the childrenContinue reading “In the interest of Biblical marriage”

Doug Wilson, as he was

The first time I encountered Doug Wilson was in the fall of 2000, in the basement of someone’s house. Wilson was reading an excerpt from a humorous book to a collection of admiring college students. It may have been written by P.G. Wodehouse; I frankly do not remember. I was 19 years old and wasContinue reading “Doug Wilson, as he was”

Writing styles and logical fails of a One-Woman Man

I’m not the first to comment on this, nor will I likely be the last. Over at The Gospel Coalition, there’s a quote from Doug Wilson that has resulted in much discussion trying to parse out what he intended, what he didn’t mean, and how anyone who dares to suggest this isn’t true or biblicalContinue reading “Writing styles and logical fails of a One-Woman Man”

Corporality, part II: When love is pain

One of the things I dislike the most about the way some Christians spank their kids is the idea that it models God’s love for us, because he “chastises those he loves.” Because this means that as a child, you’re thus indoctrinated with the idea that you will receive pain when you’re bad, and thatContinue reading “Corporality, part II: When love is pain”

Easter in the graveyard

My sister’s in-laws have this tradition of getting a bunch of people together and eating Easter breakfast as a picnic in the graveyard. The result is this sunny spread of bacon, sausage and sweet rolls against the backdrop of weathered gravestones, right around the time of year when you could actually first have a picnicContinue reading “Easter in the graveyard”

Gender hierarchy: For a new baby girl

Hierarchy can kill people. Take the case of Korean Air, which suffered a high rate of crashes until the airline was re-structured so that the crew was required to address each other informally, in English. What had happened was that the planes had quite literally crashed and burned because inferiors were too polite to doContinue reading “Gender hierarchy: For a new baby girl”

It might be a little bit complicated

My cousins Anna Sophia and Elizabeth Botkin have sent me their latest book for Christmas, It’s (not that) Complicated: How to Relate to Guys in a Healthy, Sane, and Biblical way. They inscribed it to “our dear Katie, with much love from your cousins.” Honestly, such things always choke me up a little, because IContinue reading “It might be a little bit complicated”

Faith-based laws and lack thereof

Recently, there has been a not-so-subtle dislike of anything resembling Sharia law in the United States. Conservative Christians may accuse more liberal secularists of turning a blind eye in the name of tolerance and religious diversity, but all the while Christians defend legislation that could do far more to protect Sharia law than anything theContinue reading “Faith-based laws and lack thereof”