The magic pill

When I was a homeschooled kid, I used to go hang out at my dad’s office about one day a week and do my math in the break room. Or I’d help the nurses file charts, maybe even watch a procedure if the patient was willing. Things like ingrown toenail removal; I trimmed my toenailsContinue reading “The magic pill”

Feminism 101

I’m a liberal feminist. Ok, I’m more of a straight-up leftist really, because liberals are kind of wussy and they tend to be corporate sellouts if you’re talking actual politics. I don’t like the term liberal unless by liberal you mean generous. So I’m a left-leaning feminist, with a career and stuff. You know, MattContinue reading “Feminism 101”

HPV for the uninitiated: an update

Exactly a year ago, I was dealing with the frightening reality that I had “precancerous” lesions due to HPV. I wrote about my conclusions here, explaining that despite the fact that the doctors recommended I get an LEEP procedure to snip things into normalcy (I was diagnosed with CIN II, basically two steps removed from cancer),Continue reading “HPV for the uninitiated: an update”

HPV for the uninitiated

You know that phone call you just hope you won’t get for a long, long time. That one from the clinic or the hospital, saying “We just got your lab test back, and there’s something abnormal going on with some of your cells. We need you to come in for further testing.” That call soundsContinue reading “HPV for the uninitiated”

Legal theories and medical crises

The American medical system is suffering from two epistemological errors: the idea that to get any medical treatment you must get a certified doctor’s sign-off, and the idea that if you don’t, you can sue somebody for millions. You can talk all you want about evil insurance companies, but the cost of medical care inContinue reading “Legal theories and medical crises”