Hipster Yuppie First World Problems

1. Never been to Burning Man. 2. Whole Foods Kombucha selection not local enough. 3. My spa-day anti-aging intravenous vitamin drip is making my arm burn a little bit. 4. Have to keep hitting “connect” every 30 minutes for the free wifi at the airport. 5. Bartender is out of smoked hibiscus salt. 6. GoogleContinue reading “Hipster Yuppie First World Problems”

Do what feels good

“If it feels good, do it” ranked among the top most blasphemous phrases of my homeschooled youth. You were not supposed to do what felt good. Because obviously, what felt good was probably a sin. Like drugs. Or fornication. Or maybe just smiling to yourself about how you were really, really excellent at math. “IfContinue reading “Do what feels good”

Trail-ready paleo coconut macaroons

I made an entire bag of chocolate-coconut macaroons that we took hiking with us, small treats that combined the caloric punch of fatty coconut and coconut sugar with the protein of egg whites and the buzz of chocolate. Because space was an issue, I didn’t whip the egg whites, opting to food-proccess them instead. TheyContinue reading “Trail-ready paleo coconut macaroons”

Tasting Philadelphia for under $30 per person

Since I’ve gotten here, I’ve eaten a lot and drunk a little. Philadelphia is nice that way because it has about the same gastronomic variety and quality as New York, but it’s cheaper. On Thursday night, I went out to Marrakesh, probably Philly’s best Moroccan restaurant. You turn down a side street and knock onContinue reading “Tasting Philadelphia for under $30 per person”