Nelson on a migraine

I make it within five blocks and 20 minutes of the opening event at Coldsmoke Powder Fest in Nelson, British Columbia, which I’m supposed to be covering for Out There Monthly, and I realize I’m getting a migraine. To the point that I can’t see. Did I mention this particular event I’m supposed to beContinue reading “Nelson on a migraine”

Virtual reality in Vancouver

So Vancouver is hard to really get to see when you’re going to conferences for a week straight, but I did get to walk around and take some photos one afternoon when the sun came out — and then my camera ate the pictures, so you’ll just have to take my word for it. IContinue reading “Virtual reality in Vancouver”

Ice climbing Copper Creek Falls

This week, the temperatures dropped to below zero, freezing moving water and making ice climbing possible. I’d never been before, for a few different reasons — with the chill factor being topmost. But a few friends were heading out to Copper Creek Falls, only a few miles from where my parents live, and the elementsContinue reading “Ice climbing Copper Creek Falls”

Waves, meteors and cougars

My family took the opportunity of a recent trip to Oregon to revisit the cold, gray beaches where we grew up. My niece spotted the rolling mass of waves from afar and asked: “Get in it? My feet?” and her parents were happy to comply, while the baby kept warm with my own parents. MyContinue reading “Waves, meteors and cougars”

Samuel comes to Oregon

“Chloe,” I whispered “Guess who you’re going to see soon? Samuel!” We had just finished dinner, and I had it on good authority that Chloe’s favorite uncle was 20 minutes away. Chloe started jumping up and down. “See Samah soon! See Samah soon!” The rest of us live in Idaho, spread out over less thanContinue reading “Samuel comes to Oregon”