Things homeschooled girls did in the 90s

Jonathan Crombie as Gilbert Blythe

1. Journaled and discoursed in the style of Anne of Green Gables. Held the opinion that Gilbert Blythe from the movie version had an annoying way of saying “Anne, I’m sorrrrry.” But he was still kind of cute. RIP, Jonathan Crombie.

2. Had a crush on Christian Bale thanks to his minor but tragic role in Henry V and more importantly, his almost-naughty-boy-next-door charm in Little Women.

3. Re-watched the Christian Bale-Wynona Rider kissing scene in Little Women multiple times, ostensibly to laugh at the drool the director missed.

4. Did not like Leonardo DiCaprio, because “everyone” else did. See also: boy bands of any kind.

5. Other than Christian alternative boy bands, such as Jars of Clay.

6. Counted down the days until church, when you got to see your crush. This was way before the days of Facebook, or you would have been FB-stalking the heck out of him.

7. Danced to the soundtrack of Last of the Mohicans and daydreamed about marrying Hawkeye. Marrying — like that hot scene where he makes out with Madeline Stowe, only within the holy bonds of matrimony.

8. Fast forwarded the bathing scene in Much Ado About Nothing. You can see nude buttocks when you fast forward, but you’re still doing the right thing.

4 thoughts on “Things homeschooled girls did in the 90s

  1. Actually, it was while reading Anne of Green Gables that my older daughter began to express a strong interest in getting to have the school experience. She is now in high school in our inner city school district and is having the time of her life — but she finds the overall atmosphere somewhat more similar to “Save the Last Dance.” 🙂

  2. I actually can’t stop laughing at this, and I’ve got to show my mother your list. You might have just summed up at least five years of my life right there. LOL.

  3. Wow this is much too worldly for what I was allowed.

    1. What?
    2. Who?
    3. You were allowed to watch MOVIES??!?!
    4&5. Anything other than instrumental classical music or hymns was condemned.
    6. My crush wasn’t at church. He was a fellow homeschooler who I got to see once or twice every other year or so for about 5 minutes.
    7&8. Again, movies?

    I’m 32 and still trying to get out.

  4. Yeah, I have to second Revenwyn. I never heard of any of this stuff until I left home. The first movie I ever saw was “Air Force One” at a house where I babysat, and I watched it so many times I literally could recite the entire script. I’m still a big fan of Harrison Ford. As for Leonardo DiCaprio, I despised him, not because others liked him but because he looked like a self-absorbed, whiny little punk. Lol. Eventually I watched “Gangs of New York” and my hatred became permanent.

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