In honor of my relatives

I stayed with some relatives near Seattle this past week; my father’s first cousin and her mother. Great-aunt Grace Botkin. Married to Lloyd, my grandfather John’s older brother. My father’s cousin told me that when Lloyd was of a certain age he was diagnosed with acute leukemia. So his children and grandchildren sat around theContinue reading “In honor of my relatives”

More accurate Russell argumentation (I hope)

In “On Denoting” Bertrand Russell responds to Gottlob Frege’s system of categorizing names and descriptive phrases as being meaningful within the boundaries of Sinn and Bedeutung, often translated “sense” and “reference.” Russell translates and alters Frege’s Bedeutung as “denotation.” Though Russell does not define precisely what he means by this term, from the examples heContinue reading “More accurate Russell argumentation (I hope)”

Discussing required Bertrand Russell

If the purpose of a statement, in language, is to denote something that can be accessed in the mind of the hearer/reader—not a “real thing,” as images or conception of the thing denoted will vary depending on the person (cf. Frege, Russell)—then this statement made by Bertrand Russell seems false: The whole realm of non-entities,Continue reading “Discussing required Bertrand Russell”

Making aesthetic judgements about grape taffy

I have a specific taste and consistency lingering on my tongue: Sticky, vaguely brackish, fructose-esque. It is better than the memory of the grape cough drops I was forced at a young and impressionable age to hold in my mouth to alleviate illness: a cure, in my mind, more distasteful than the malady. This lingeringContinue reading “Making aesthetic judgements about grape taffy”