Ethics and the golden rule

I have a new theory: even those out to destroy have good reasons for doing what they do, precisely because “good” is often a matter of opinion, and situational ethics thrive best in complex situations. Lying, for example. People justify it all sorts of ways: if they tell the truth, someone else gets hurt. IfContinue reading “Ethics and the golden rule”

The New Socialism

Socialism to the literary skeptic means 1984 (where Ingsoc, shorthand for English Socialism, rules with an iron fist for the Party’s good pleasure), or Harrison Bergeron (where everyone is pulled down to the lowest common denominator so that finally everyone is equal). To the redneck, it means not being able to call any land hisContinue reading “The New Socialism”

Ten questions to expedite your demise

The political spectrum is populated with hypocritical weirdos just like you. People with good intentions, lack of time and loads of frustration; people worried about the future and the real, gripping ethical problems our world is facing. Unfortunately, most of the political talk I hear assumes one of two things: 1. conservatives are defined byContinue reading “Ten questions to expedite your demise”