Doug Wilson on marriage

Doug Wilson, and his fans, are pretty busy telling everyone that the courts allowed Steven Sitler to get married, so Wilson himself is blameless if said marriage produces abuse or “sexual stimulation” involving an infant, even though Wilson officiated the wedding of this couple, both of whom attended his church. Presumably, Sitler was also under Wilson’s counselingContinue reading “Doug Wilson on marriage”


It was during an attempt to make a self-deprecating joke to a friend that I realized there is no single word for Adults Raised In Cloistered Christian Homeschooling Who Are Now Dealing With It, so I coined the unwieldy ARICCHWANDWI. Somewhere between that moment and now, I seriously considered going back to school in orderContinue reading “For the ARICCHWANDWI”

Doug Wilson on the Confederate Flag

I don’t read Doug Wilson’s blog much; I have better things to do with my time than subject myself to long-winded prose whose tagline should really be “theology that chews its own leg off.” Unsurprisingly, Wilson has spent a lot of energy recently not-exactly-explaining why the Confederate flag is fine-just-fine, the foremost reason of which is abortion.Continue reading “Doug Wilson on the Confederate Flag”

Why Josh Duggar won’t say “victim.”

Very consistently in the apologies that people like Josh Duggar and Doug Phillips offered the public, there was no mention whatsoever of the victims of their crimes. Duggar refers to “those affected by my actions,” as if he were discussing a game of Monopoly. This is not an accident. The word “victim” is rarely orContinue reading “Why Josh Duggar won’t say “victim.””

Consent, Theonomists and Josh Duggar

The reaction of some of Josh Duggar’s defenders point to the larger, deeper problem of glossing over abuses of power because “all sins are equal in the sight of God.” Defenders ask, “Who of us didn’t make mistakes? Who of us didn’t sin as teenagers?” But the scandal is not about “sin,” in that it’sContinue reading “Consent, Theonomists and Josh Duggar”

Josh Duggar and the pattern of scandal

The Josh Duggar scandal is only the most recent of a disturbing trend in what I’ll call Cloistered Christian Patriarchy movements. Although the communities have differed in approach and tone, location and rules, there are a number of them who have seen similar scandals. They have all promoted strict authority structures, vilification of anyone whoContinue reading “Josh Duggar and the pattern of scandal”

Navigating history: Dominion worldview and Christian jihad.

I’ve just finished reading through the book “Navigating The Worldviews of Egypt,” written by my cousins Anna Sophia, Elizabeth, Isaac and Noah Botkin and a variety of their colleagues (and parents and in-laws). I read it at various intervals and in small chunks, because it was difficult to consume at any length without it hurting my brain. The bookContinue reading “Navigating history: Dominion worldview and Christian jihad.”

Christian Zionism and Judas Iscariot

I grew up hearing a lot about the Israeli-Palestian conflict, and it was always the same story: the Palestinians were the aggressors, Israel barely holding its own and hoping to eventually settle conflicts that had been there for thousands of years. But Israel was for Jews, that much was clear. Because the Babylonians took their land,Continue reading “Christian Zionism and Judas Iscariot”

Vice, Victims and Doug Wilson

Doug Wilson thinks that Lourdes Torres-Manteufel is not a victim; that she was a willing participant in an affair with Doug Phillips, and here’s his logic: Doug Phillips sexually assaulted her She cried and asked him to stop He did not stop She didn’t immediately leave his house. Therefore, it must have been consensual. Therefore,Continue reading “Vice, Victims and Doug Wilson”

Let’s talk about something real

So the whole world, relatively speaking, seems to be exploding with outrage over the recent suit against Doug Phillips. And for good reason. The man who earned a lavish living preaching that men should keep their daughters close in order to keep them safe was discovered to have been sexually preying on a young womanContinue reading “Let’s talk about something real”