In which Lourdes petitions for a lifeboat

The date may be significant, or it may not. This morning, April 15, on the 102nd anniversary of the Titanic sinking, Lourdes Torres filed a civil suit against Doug Phillips, self-styled leader of the Christian patriarchy movement and the founder of the Christian Men And Boys Titanic Society. The Society, and Doug Phillips in particular,Continue reading “In which Lourdes petitions for a lifeboat”

Ken Ham and Bill Nye, revisited

Watching the Ken Ham-Bill Nye debate on evolution and creation last night took me back to when I was 14. I got familiar with both men’s work that year. My largely-homeschooled youth group was going through a video series put out by Ken Ham’s Answers in Genesis, featuring him doing a lot of talking about whyContinue reading “Ken Ham and Bill Nye, revisited”

Alone Yet Not Alone in an Oscar yank

I took a blissful little break today and played in the new snow atop Schweitzer, coming in to work in the evening because my work is awesome like that, and because my e-mail dings around the clock anyway due to the multinational nature of my job. Apparently by doing so, I had missed 24 hoursContinue reading “Alone Yet Not Alone in an Oscar yank”

Alone Yet Not Alone in a sea of dominionism

Apparently, I am one of the few people in America who had heard of Alone Yet Not Alone before today, when the internet exploded with a collective “WTF?” over the movie’s Oscar nomination. I’d heard of it because I am loosely connected to the independent Christian movie scene, or more specifically, the quiverfull, dominion-mandate ChristianContinue reading “Alone Yet Not Alone in a sea of dominionism”

It’s Still (Not That) Complicated

I was cleaning up today and came across my cousin’s book It’s (Not That) Complicated, in which they lay out their advice to young women waiting around for a husband (spoiler alert: they think you should ask your parents to screen applicants while you patiently do your father’s bidding at home) and flipped open toContinue reading “It’s Still (Not That) Complicated”

Psychopaths, testosterone, leadership, patriarchy

A few days ago, Doug Wilson pontificated that Doug Phillips, having fallen from grace and besmirched the name of patriarchy, had been led astray by his own “testosterone,” which men in leadership are apparently prone to do if they don’t watch themselves: “A man with lots of testosterone is in a position to start aContinue reading “Psychopaths, testosterone, leadership, patriarchy”

Emotion/logic, sex/purity

I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but girls are emotional. Like so emotional, they’re not supposed to be politicians or CEOs because their hormones might cause them to become irrational and then they’d accidentally kill and/or fire someone. I actually recited this litany to someone in my early college years, embarrassingly — although it wasContinue reading “Emotion/logic, sex/purity”

Dancing with the divine

I have recently taken up dancing lessons, which is not anything I haven’t tried before. I danced for many years: in my childhood and early teens, I did ballet, up until I got pointe shoes and decided I’d gone as far as I wanted to go with it. In college, I regularly went swing dancing,Continue reading “Dancing with the divine”

The Quaker and the homeschooler

In 2001, at the age of 20, I went to live in France for four months. I had taken one semester of French, and I opted to live with a French woman who spoke no English in the effort to force myself to become proficient. My program was part of the University Study Abroad Consortium,Continue reading “The Quaker and the homeschooler”

The War on Christmas: Fight back, for Peace

When someone says something so subversive and offensive as “happy holidays,” they might as well be blowing up your church. It’s straight-up religious persecution. I mean, I know, I know, the root of “holidays” is “holy days,” so in a way there’s still the acknowledgement of something non-secular there, but it’s too vague. Because ChristianityContinue reading “The War on Christmas: Fight back, for Peace”